In my mind's eye, I visualize how the image

will appear. The process is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.

Fine Art Book | Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

I am honoured to have been the principal photographer for the eighth book in The Unheralded Artists of BC series, The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd by Peter Busby. Mother Tongue Publishing’s series on The Unheralded Artists of BC, is a brave new series of beautifully designed and well-researched books, illustrating and illuminating the lives and art of previously...

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Inside Passage 10th Anniversary Exhibition

It is hard to believe 10 years has passed since Inside Passage school of Fine Cabinetmaking in Roberts Creek on the B.C. Sunshine Coast opened their doors to students. In 2007 Robert & Yvonne Van Norman contacted me to photograph their students works. Every year I delight in the beauty and perfection of the creations. It truly is an honor working with the students...

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Pro Photography vs iPhone camera

Some of the basic reasons why shooting only with iPhones is a bad idea: Depth of focus – sometimes known as depth of field, this is one of the biggest visual tells that trick our brain into thinking ‘portrait’. The ability to separate a subject from their background can be controlled to a degree by the aperture, which many iPhone camera apps let you access. But, and this...

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Studio Product Photography | Studio Product Photographer

  Shooting products can be a challenging and rewarding experience, whether it’s food to clothes or handbags to jewellery, each scenario requires a slightly different a approach.                           You’ll notice that the majority of products are shot against white backgrounds as this takes any...

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