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Prior to the shoot I am focused on the details so the day can envelope its own rhythm; as I am shooting I love to visualize how the image can be developed into something fantastic.
I enjoy working and love collaborating with creative energy.

I seek challenges and insight from the world around me. It’s important for me to be inspired by the people, environment, and objects that surround me.


Contained within these pages are works of Canadian Creative Ingeborg Suzanne. These works are comprised of my interests within the fields of photography, design, and audio visual presentation.

Trained in communications at Simon Fraser University; photography at Langara University; fine art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

I am a freelance creative specializing in still photography (film and digital). I have worked for a range of clients including many architects & custom home builders; products-internationally and locally based clients; editorial and corporate portraiture. In addition I collaborate with several artists on projects including dance and fine woodworking.

I am recognized for my editorial work, corporate portraiture, architecture and studio product work.

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