Fine Art Book | Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

I am honoured to have been the principal photographer for the eighth
book in The Unheralded Artists of BC series,
The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd by Peter Busby.

Mother Tongue Publishing’s series on The Unheralded Artists of BC,
is a brave new series of beautifully designed and well-researched books,
illustrating and illuminating the lives and art of previously undocumented
important artists of the 1900s-1960s.

Jack Akroyd’s paintings and drawings are that of a highly skilled artist
who documented his surroundings with meticulous detail and a personal,
and humorous touch.

Exhibition at the Burnaby Art Gallery: Opening night July 2nd

“A contemporary of Vancouver artists Shadbolt and Smith, Akroyd was deeply influenced by the culture of Japan, a country that embraced his artistic vision and inspired the idiosyncratic vocabulary of images from his travels and daily life which he called “Visual Diaries.” The Burnaby Art Gallery has long championed Akroyd’s art, and is delighted that his work is finally getting its due.”
Ellen van Eijnsbergen, Director/Curator, Burnaby Art Gallery

The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

Private Collections; untitled Artist on Beach, 1979, 19″ X 29″

The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

We believe in Flying Saucers when the sky turns purple; 1975, 22.25″ X 35.5″

The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

West Coast Forest; 1983, 14”X18”